Conseil et Formatrice en Communication et Développement Personnel

Get to know Christel PETITCOLLIN :


Communication and Self improvement Trainer and Coach,
Speaker and Writer

My training:

Certified NLP Master Practitioner «Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming».
Certified NLP Trainer «Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming».
Certified Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner
Certified Transactional Analyst, ESPERE Method (J. Salomé)
Certified Provocative Therapist trained by Franck Farelly

My publications :

I have written 16 books on Self Improvement
Trédaniel (Editor)
Je pense trop (I Think Too Much) - Learn How to Control this Invasive Mind
Je pense mieux (How To Think Better) - It IS Possible to Live Happily with a Bubbling Brain !
Echapper aux manipulateurs (How to Escape Manipulative People) - There ARE Solutions
Divorcer d’un manipulateur (Divorcing a Manipulative Spouse) - A Full-Time Job...
Enfants de manipulateurs (Children of Manipulative Parents) - How to Protect Them
Pourquoi trop penser rend manipulable - Protégez votre mental de l’emprise
Jouvence (Editor)
Victime, Bourreau, Sauveur, comment sortir du piège (How to Escape the Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor Triangle)
Emotions, mode d’emploi (The Complete Guide to Managing Your Emotions)
S’affirmer et oser dire non (Learn to Assert Yourself and Dare to Say No)
Savoir écouter, cela s’apprend (Learn how to Listen : It's a Skill !)
Bien communiquer avec son enfant (How to Communicate Effectively with your Child)
Scénario de vie gagnant (The Winning Life Script)
Les clés de l'harmonie familiale (Family Harmony : The Keys to success)
Réussir son couple (Secrets to Successful Couples)
Petit cahier d’exercice pour sortir du jeu victime, bourreau, sauveur (A Workbook to Escape the Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor Triangle)
Petit cahier d'exercice pour mieux s’organiser et vivre sans stress (A Workbook to Help You Get Organised and live Stress-Free !)

Several of my books have been translated in nearly a dozen languages (Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Czech, Japanese, Arabic, Korean and Russian)

I have also written more than 500 articles on psychology in various magazines.

My Teaching Method :

After a theoretical explanation and a demonstration, it's time to put to practical use the tools you've just learned. To do this we will use exercises, role playing games and scenarios. Using many examples taken from everyday life and connected to the experiences of the participants, my teaching is down to earth, fun and accessible to all.

I make it a point of honor in putting knowledge at the disposal of the humblest by creating a high-quality popularization.

At the Service of Your Communication since 1992 :

I create and lead workshops in communication : NLP, Transactional Analysis, One Day One Theme Workshops, Professional Training
For example: communication for medical staff, social workers, sales and marketing employees…

I give individual counseling sessions in communication, personal development and coaching.

I give conferences and lead debates.

For several years, I organized actions to promote reintegration for people experiencing economic and social exclusion.

Through the REAAP (Réseau d’Ecoute, d’Appui et d’Accompagnement des Parents) I created and animated the UDAF Parenting Support Program of Haute Savoie. Made up of conferences and workshops, I brought this program across the entire department during the years 2000 and 2001.

I was in charge of the self development section of the website from February 2000 to December 2003.

I was a psychology columnist

I was a Psychology Columnist In the Actives monthly magazine from 1998 to 2009, and then in the "Gazette de Montpellier", a weekly magazine from March 2007 to July 2013

7L TV « Jeune d’esprit » : a show starring Caroline Rossignol every Wednesday from 2008 to 2009.

France Bleu Hérault : on the radio « La vie en bleu » starring Léopoldine Dufour, on Wednesdays from 9h30 to 10h00.

I also speak and write regularly in national and international media (in print, on the radio and on TV).