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Мои конференции состоят из теоретической части/продолжительностью приблизительно 1 час/, в доступной и конкретной форме,зачастую с юмором.Они проиллюстрированы конкретными примерами из повседневной жизни,в которых каждый может сам себя узнать .

Во второй части конференции присутствующие задают вопросы,высказывают свое мнение и делятся жизненным опытом.Все это в теплой и дружелюбной атмосфере.

Выберите тему вашей конференции из списка,приведенного ниже,или расскажите мне о ваших пожеланиях.В этом случае,я изучу данный вопрос и подготовлю конференцию по вашему индивидуальному заказу.

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Je pense trops
Кто бы мог подумать, что быть умным может сделать страдать и сделать его несчастным? Тем не менее, я часто получаю в консультации с людьми, которые жалуются слишком много думать. Они говорят, что их разум не оставляет им передышки, даже ночью. Они устали
Je pense trops
The publication of I think too much is an extraordinary adventure: I had never received so many mails about one of my books! You told me your enthusiasm, your relief and bombarded with questions on how to manage your emotions, develop your confidence, to
Many people complain about their inability to be assertive, to say "no" and all the negative consequences that this has in their private life and in their professional lives : feeling of not being heard and respected, decrease in self-esteem, bitterness,
Livre_ Emotions_Mode_d_emploi
Emotions are frightening and are not well accepted in our society. For most people, "manage emotions" means total control and not at all feel them! But when we repress and deny our emotions, they took the power and exert a negative control on our lives. V
Many parents, educators and teachers are full of good will and want to do well. But without knowing it, they have an attitude that discourages, demotivates and destroys the confidence of children. Sports coaching allowed to know the indispensable mental e
"The stress of modern life" is a commonly used term that implies that modern life and stress are inseparable. That is why, for many people, stress is inevitable.However, much of this stress is totally artificial and could easily be avoided. And if the bad
Depending on the education we received and our experiences, all of us build our personal vision of life and of yourself. This overall idea will influence our daily actions to the point of locked us into a system of thought, a scenario of life. For some of
For many people, the true love is passionate love. When we love, we must suffer from the lack, from jealousy, from fear of losing the other. We must be torn, then reconciled. We must do a constant trip between exaltation and anxiety.Even if they live a re
In recent years, we began to publicly speak about the serious debt problems. But, talking about money is still difficult, embarrassing or shameful in many situations. Even more taboo than sex, money secretly generates its own neuroses and addiction phenom
Violence is regrettably a theme that is still relevant. Everyone talks about it, everybody complains, but nobody feels directly targeted. The violent, it is the other, because when it comes to his own violence, it seems clearly justified. What are the mec
We all agree to find that respect in relationships is a value decreasing damn. Impoliteness, incivility, individualism, without embarrassment, contempt, aggression, insults and violence are the components of this disrespect. Why this feeling of lack of gr


Каждый родитель старается быть " хорошим родителем " ,на свой манер,и всем сердцем надеется,что его ребенок реализует себя в полной мере .Однако ,несмотря,на благие намерения ,жизненные реалии рано или поздно развенчивают мечту об идеальном и и поб
Being a parent can be likened to the art of being a gardener. Like loam, fresh water or fresh air, certain ingredients are essential to help the child gain confidence in him, to make him want to grow, to become independent and allow him to deploy his pote
In the early years of his life, the child shapes his personality. Six facets appear and get into place one after the other. These facets will remain the basis of his mental structure. The quality of the synergy between these six facets will determine the
The discoveries of psychology have transformed our ideas about education. More and more, parents are aware of the issues of their attitude on the future of their child. They try to do their best to ensure him a positive future. That is why they engage the
Formerly, abusing the credulity of children, adults lied to them without complex. Then Françoise Dolto said, "We must tell the truth to children." She meant that we must speak to the children, that they understand everything and that the unspoken is more
Entangled in their fear of worse (drugs, suicide and fugues), confused by emotional outbursts of their teenager, and overwhelmed by the difference in generation, parents often lose in adolescence, the necessary benchmarks to frame their teen-agers. In add
The youth of today does not grow up under the same conditions as previous generations. The economic crisis settled permanently and television was invited in every home. Thus, the values conveyed by the society have changed over the last thirty years. That
What skills should be developed to become the "good" parents ? All parents are asking this question, but the answer they give often show a perfectionist view of their role. That is why they feel a lot of guilt not being up to the perfect level. However, i
Today's parents, and especially mothers, live their parenting while being entangled in an incredible guilt. This guilt is not only uncomfortable for them but especially harmful to a good relationship with their children because the guilt of the parent is
The different social revolutions since the French Revolution, have gradually undermined the Patriarchate and released women from their dominated position. Positive aspects : Women can be free and independent. Negative aspect : The mothers have a great ris
How to position yourself ? What topics should you accept to discuss ? What should parents allow ? What should be banned ? Why and how ? When should you say no and with what punishment? These are questions every parent ask, and at every age of their child.


The pictures of grandma "flowered apron and jams" and Grandpa "angling and vegetable garden" are past and have to be stores in our album "nostalgia".Today, if you are fifty or sixty years old, you are no longer an "old person" as before. Neither surrogate
From the creation of a young couple to the birth of his grandchildren, the family changes over the years. Family go through stages, crisis, upheavals, that cause instability, family conflicts and uncertainty. For most people, the family is a safe bet, a r
Today, a couple on three divorce. Behind this sociological reality, divorce remains a personal drama, lived as a failure, in shame, guilt or anger or even hate. How to protect children during this storm? How to cure his narcissistic injury and to mourn th


Hypnosis is a little known therapeutic tool that disturbs and worries still often. For most people, being hypnotized is to be asleep and obey outside orders, brief "lose self-control." But hypnosis is a natural phenomenon that we experience every day with
First, NLP is a positive philosophy of life who says that every human is unique and has in himself all the resources necessary to his development. NLP is born from the observation and from a careful analysis of skills great communicators. NLP. is a set of
« In all frog sleeps a prince. It is not necessary to kill the frog. Simply awake the prince. » This is a sentence of Dr. Eric Berne, founder of the method, and it resumes the resolutely positive and practical spirit of Transactional Analysis. Transaction


Victime bourreau ou sauveur
Every time that you have had a negative communication, that you are discouraged and frustrated, it's almost sure that you have unconsciously played in a negative game triangle. In this triangle game, the protagonist of your difficulties has one of the fol
Bullying is a phenomenon still misunderstood and underestimated. It is difficult to detect because it is an insidious and gradual process. The professional or family entourage watches these actions with a frightened indifference, bordering on complacency.
Echapper au manipulateur
Is there anyone who can say he had never been manipulated ? Since the beginning of time, we are surrounded by the manipulators. Their goal remains the same throughout the centuries : Satisfy their priorities at our expense. Their technic, simple and soph
Divorcer d'un manipulateur
Although the manipulators have existed since the dawn of time, I am always surprised to see how these sinister individuals remain unknown. Unknown to the general public, institutions, doctors, psychologists and experts, but worse unknown to their victims,
Enfant de manipulateur
When somebody is a manipulator, he is manipulative with everybody : his family, his wife (or husband), neighbors, colleagues, police, justice... So, what miracle could do that he would not be manipulative with his own children ? Although he shows all need
Christel Petitcollin - Conférence paris
Christel Petitcollin - Conférence paris
Christel Petitcollin - Conférence paris